What Is Cloud Computing?

The word cloud – or cloud computing – appears everywhere from all siblings in Subicate on reports, technology companies to newly purchased phone boxes, or even in operating systems.

That you are using However, according to his observations, there are many misconceptions about cloud computing and cloud computing, such as Dropbox, onedrive or Google Drive, which is a form of synchronization tool. Synchronize files Essentially, this kind of thinking is only a small part of the cloud computing problem that is much wider, and in this article, invite you to learn more about cloud computing and its impact on the future. Hybrid of the whole world.
As IBM said, cloud or cloud computing for short-term provides users with computing resources based on the user village they want via an internet connection. Resources can be anything related to computers and computers, such as software, hardware, network infrastructure for servers and large server networks.

In front of the cloud, you want to do something to fill yourself up and use your investment from start to finish. In each user role, if you want to save data, you have to spend money to buy a hard drive. Want to backup regularly and immediately? External hard drives require software to connect to the network automatically if needed. If you want to create a website, you have to buy it on your own server to collect and configure everything. Want to manage your home shop, you have to buy accounting software or sell software and then install it on your home computer.
And all this doesn’t stop at the time of purchase The money you spend with you is called temporary maintenance and maintenance. You bought the hard drive and then missed and you have to pick it yourself. Unfortunately, every time the warranty for loss of data costs more than buying another drive. You install the server, then you need to maintain the cooling system. (Or if you hire someone else to do it, it’s like a machine, just like you spend money because they just help) If you have to correct the errors yourself (or contact the company to request a solution)
These problems seem easy. But in fact, it costs you a lot of effort and money, not to mention that it makes it easy to lose your important data. (For example, in the example of the top drive) For businesses, online maintenance costs are very large because not only But using small software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but the management system is complicated and complicated with relevant information Therefore, only small errors can occur. Causing loss of income or even millions of dollars when production is delayed They have to prepare staff to install, configure, test, run, secure and update your system. If you use that amount multiplied by the number of business applications that hundreds of users use, of course, the cost is not small.

Then the advent of cloud computing came to help solve the problem that you have to manage hardware and software. Do you want to save the data? When traveling to Dropbox with Google Drive can help you. Obviously, you don’t need to pay attention to whether your files are stored on public hard drives, whether damaged or not. No need to back up your backup hard drives. You do not need to connect to this device with another device to receive two files. Everything is maintained by service providers and cloud services, and in this case, Dropbox, Google or Microsoft. If the hard drive fails, they will replace themselves. They will automatically back up data periodically. You don’t have to worry.

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