VPS Hosting, Virtual Server, Server, Cloud Hosting

VPS virtual server, hosting, server, cloud hosting
The common point of 4 types of web hosting is the central storage activity for your website, which is different, just the storage capacity. The ability to control requires professional skills, server speed and guaranteed to 123host. Deeper and consider the important differences between these types of dentistry. 4. What is shared hosting?

In shared hosting (Also known as hosting) Your site is hosted on servers with many other websites that can have websites from hundreds to thousands of websites. Generally, these sites share server resources such as RAM and CPU at the cheapest price. Most of these websites use standard software built on the server. Popular hosting not only But with low cost But still easy to use in the early stages because it doesn’t require too much professional skills.

There is no limited access when the site has high traffic and the performance of your site may be affected by other sites on the same server.
What is a dedicated server?
Proprietary server (Server) allows you to fully control the server that you set up the site – you can only use it and can rent it for other users again. Your website is the only website on the server if you want.
Great power, maximum control Therefore it can be said that the only weakness is the cost of the server. Servers are usually very expensive and should only be used when you need maximum control and high performance requirements. In addition, you must ensure that you have some knowledge to fully control the performance of the server. Or you just have to register the service on 123host and we can help you whenever you need technical problems
What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud hosting provides unlimited capabilities to manage large traffic. Here, how it works: Server groups (Also known as cloud) working together to manage groups of websites This allows multiple servers to work together to control traffic from any site within a managed site group.
Many Cloud Hosting are modified to restrict access to your system. (Such as changing system settings and adding support software) and the cost is high

Above is the current web hosting category. In addition, in order to easily meet current needs, service providers also offer many different packages for each type of web hosting.

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